Netanyahu: Gaza Naval Blockade to Continue After Turkey Rapprochement

Insists Blocking Ships From Gaza a 'Supreme Security Interest'

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, still trying to sell the diplomatic rapprochement with Turkey after six years, assured reporters today that the improved diplomatic ties won’t mean any change to the Israeli naval blockade of the Gaza Strip.

The Israel-Turkey split happened in May 2010, when the Israeli Navy attacked a Turkish-flagged aid ship bound for the Gaza Strip, killing nine aid workers aboard. Israel declared everyone on board terrorists at the time, but has ultimately agreed to pay compensation for their deaths.

Israel imposed the blockade on the Strip in 2007, after Hamas took over the area. Though Israel allows very limited amounts of humanitarian goods into the strip through land crossings, they have banned all ship travel to the strip, and have repeatedly confronted aid ships militarily for getting too close.

Netanyahu insisted it remains “a supreme security interest” of Israel to maintain the nearly decade-long blockade, and that there could be no compromise with Turkey on the matter. After the 2010 killings, Turkey threatened to send future aid ships with a naval convoy, but have never attempted to do so.

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  • Dxates

    Somebody please lock up this vile war criminal and throw away the key! Every single Israeli leader has been a career criminal, and Netanyahu is the worst.

    • Gary Jones

      What has Netanyahu done that’s criminal?

      • Dxates

        Building illegal settlements, kidnapping children in the middle of the night, and detaining them for months without charge, mass murder, subjugation…Gary you are the epitome of what is wrong with humanity. Your sheer pathetic ignorance, and support of such monsters is truly sick…

  • ethan7734

    knowing that Israel and Turkey are allies again without a care to the Palestinians or approval of the Hamas government had brought me to tears.
    Than I saw the season finale of Game Of Thrones which was A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!

  • gussos


    • John Wells


  • Billy

    Giving concessions in negotiations is not in the nature of Israelis. Actually giving anything of value is considered a sin, thats why they really only really know how to take. Hence why they are taking over $40 billion of hard earned American tax payer money, so they can continue to take Palestinian lives and land.

  • Panco Nietzsche