Iraq Again Claims ‘Full Liberation’ of ISIS City of Fallujah

Officials Brag Only About 15% of City Destroyed

For the third time in the past couple of weeks, Iraqi military commanders have declared a total military victory in the ISIS-held city of Fallujah, insisting that they have “liberated” the entire city, and are now just going about removing the explosives.

Iraqi officials claimed it was the “cleanest urban battle in the whole of Iraq,” with only 10-15% of the city destroyed in the fighting. There are still reports of ISIS fighters around the area, and civilians aren’t being allowed back in.

10-15% seems like an awful lot of destroyed city, particularly when almost no real fighting was reported in the offensive. The previous offensive against neighboring Ramadi, however, saw at least 80% of the city destroyed, and over 90% by some estimates.

With the military declaring “an end” to the fighting in Fallujah, the civilian population remains scattered around the outskirts, with little to no serious effort being made by the Iraqi government to provide for the displaced, despite being the ones who displaced them in the first place.

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