Poland: EU Needs a New Treaty to Prevent More Brexits

Pushes for Restructuring, Limiting Centralization of Power

Poland’s Euroskeptic government has come out in the wake of last night’s British vote to leave the European Union arguing that the EU needs to dramatically revise to content of its treaty, warning it risks more referenda from other states to withdraw.

Jaroslaw Kaczynski, the head of the ruling party, the PiS, said EU rules had become increasingly arbitrary, and that power had become far too centralized in Brussels, saying that the needs of individual member nations needed to be taken more into account by the treaty.

Though Poland’s PiS is generally anti-EU, polls show a large majority of Poles favor remaining in the union. Large numbers of Polish citizens live across the EU, taking advantage of the open border rules.

Current EU President Donald Tusk, a former Polish PM himself, expressed confidence the rest of the EU would remain unified, but with several nations already talking about having their own votes, the debate of dramatic changes to the EU’s structure seem inevitable.

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Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of Antiwar.com.

  • lordbaldric

    Poland is a parasite on the rich EU members. Of course they want to keep the gravy train going…

    • aptisme

      When Western Europe got the Marshal plan, Poland got the Stalin plan, because it was sold out. There was a recent economic paper that had shown that this EU scheme has cost poland far more that the the petty EU funds it received, due to a loss of skilled labor, EU imposed tax schemes that benefit foreign companies over domestic ones, lost tax revenues, and the fact that Polands economic growth was 4x higher befores it joined. Don’t worry, soon enough you’ll have fewer parasite Poles, and more culturally enriching Muslims.

  • ericsiverson

    I don’t think Poland relishes the idea of getting lots of Muslim imagrnts from the Mid east . They may also wish to leave he E.U.

  • survivor

    Poland is also a parasite on us and they like being tough and belligerent to their neighbor Russia for no reason knowing they have corrupt EU members ready to send others to their death fighting for a parasite nation like Poland.

    • aptisme

      No reason? Ivan, is that you put-ing out putin propaganda again?

  • andrewp111

    The only way to stop more Brexits is to fully and completely centralize power in Brussels. The French nuclear arsenal must be transferred to EU control and expanded a hundred fold, an EU-wide draft must be instituted to build a 10 million man army, and it must be made clear that the penalty for secession is that the offending state be conquered and followed by mass executions Roman-Style, or be put to the nuclear blast.