US Commanders Seek ‘Dramatically’ More Ground Troops in Iraq

Obama Said Reluctant to Back Any Major New Boosts

From “no boots on the ground” in Iraq to 4,100 US troops officially there, and 5,000 there by most realistic estimates, the US has added a huge number of troops to the ISIS War in Iraq over the past two years. President Obama’s reluctance to see that buildup publicized has meant a lot of very small deployments, just adding up to a large on in aggregate.

Quoting Pentagon officials in the Washington Post, Josh Rogin suggests that the top commanders in Iraq, despite having just gotten a few hundred more troops not that long ago, are pushing hard for “dramatically” more ground troops to be sent to the country.

Gen. Daniel Allyn, the vice chief of the Army, openly complained about the White House caps on troop levels, saying the limits are forcing the military to outsource a lot of jobs to contracts and have “significant downside risks for the Army.”

Throughout this war, the military leadership has been pushing for more troops, and faster deployments, and increasingly they appear to be willing to publicly complain about Obama’s slow reaction. With the November elections looming, this could well turn the war into a major campaign issue.

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  • TellTheTruth-2

    It’s time to go back and arrest all the people who lied us into Iraq to start with. Millions of people all over the world protested BEFORE the war even started. We don’t just need to arrest just the neoCONs, we need to arrest the Senators and Congresspeople and President that led us into the Iraq war.

  • 06/23/16 America’s One-Party Government

    Today’s United States is a more realistic version of the type of society that George Orwell fictionally described in his allegorical novel 1984.

  • richardstevenhack

    STOP SAYING “RELUCTANCE”! That’s just contributing to the Obama spin that he’s some sort of “peace President”!

    Obama has been perfectly happy to send troops to Iraq – just slowly so no one notices. That’s a BIG difference from being “reluctant” on principle!

  • MissV

    Let’s put an end to all this military and government trying to scare the public about groups that the USA are DIRECTLY responsible for creating. We are responsible for the emergence of ISIS. We can thank our USA government and military for them, thanks to all their worthless lies that the fool Americans bought hook, line, and sinker.

    Time to end all the BS, let REINSTATE the draft! Time to let the rich use some of their own trophy kids for target practice. They want war so much, lets see if they are willing to put up or shut up!

    • Since when have the rich ever not been able to avoid the draft?

      The state runs the draft.

      And, as Karl Marx pointed out, the state is the executive committee of the ruling class.

      The draft would be slavery and irredeemably evil under any circumstances, but let’s not kid ourselves: If it is reinstated, it will be for us and our kids, not them and theirs.