NGO Report: UN Losing Impartiality in Syria Over Aid Deliveries

Over 50 Groups Back Complaints UN Letting Syria Dictate Aid Flow

A new report (PDF) endorsed by over 50 human rights and other NGOs, is strongly criticizing the United Nations over its handling of humanitarian aid deliveries to displaced people in Syria, arguing that the international body is losing its impartiality over the situation.

In particular, the report says the UN has fostered a “culture of compliance” to Syrian government restrictions on timing and location of aid deliveries, by knuckling under at the first sign that Syria might revoke their permission to operate if they don’t play ball.

This has meant the UN aid deliveries have only worked really well in Syrian government-controlled territory, and deliveries have been infrequent in some of the sieged rebel territories when it suits the military to keep aid out of those areas.

The World Food Programme notes that only about 12% of food deliveries in April actually went to places outside of government control. Though it’s unsurprising it would be a majority, given the largest rebel areas are under ISIS control and unsafe for aid workers, even places with relatively moderate rebels, like Daraa, have seen deliveries dry up quickly.

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  • Mr_Mir

    So 50 NGO’s are complaining that the terrorists are not getting their aid deliveries from the UN. I’m certain they are still getting plenty of weapons from Turkey, the Sauds, Qataris and Uncle Sam.

  • Bianca

    Multiply these fifty NGO and others by an average number of employees and multiply by an average salary. This is how much these “independent” busybodies are paid by mostly US, and some other Western countries. All rubbish. The aid would go to any area — except that those places where population is held hostage by the “rebels”, there is no way to get to. No matter how hungry. And whatever the population gets, the “rebels” take away. Why not get some real reporting from those places that are worse then concentration camps. At least in concentration camps the guards did not take prisoners food to feed themselves. As for the death manner and rate — one cannot beat the execution creativity of the “rebels”, that are supplied, financed and armed, then politically coddled by the vast network of religious-industrial complex ran by Saudi Wahhabi network of religious “leaders”, and fully supported by the collective neocon/neolib establishment in DC. Let Syrian army liberate the country — only then will the stories of those that are kept captive see the light of the day. But of course, these 50 or so imperial drones, do not care about people. Let’s add to this about 7,500 NGOs in China, and about 1,000 or so in Afghanistan, and so on, and on, and on.

  • Gary Sellars

    “even places with relatively moderate rebels, like Daraa, have seen deliveries dry up quickly”

    There are NO “moderate rebels”. They are ALL Wahhabi jihadist extremists without a shred of credibility. It speaks volumes that these “human rights” NGOs speak up to support foreign-backed terror groups. Shilling for their paymasters, perhaps?

  • Mikronos

    It seems to be that any ‘hospitals’ that are bombed or struck by non-UN forces turn out to have been ‘sponsored’ by UN-backed NGO’s. And of course any hospitals struck by coalition forces – including some that have been actual parts of Syria’s ‘landscape’ for decades – are struck “accidentally”.

  • Adriaan de Leeuw

    So we would have the NGOs giving aid and comfort to Terrorist, in the Majority Wahhibists that would rather kill than look t any person who is not a Sunni, and who are in receipt of US and Saudi Support!

    • TellTheTruth-2

      Sick .. isn’t it?

  • TellTheTruth-2

    So many good responses .. people are sick and tired of US wars of aggression!

  • John Ellis

    In a combat zone — No one should be subject to starvation

    For surely, the terrorists would be all the more brutal toward civilians.

  • CluelessLiberals

    Not shocking at all how little everyone on this thread actually grasps this conflict. Different from Breitbart & Infowars conspiracies in no way whatsoever. To the question, “whatever happened to the anti-war left?” here is the sad response………..