Iran Deal to Buy Boeing Planes Sparks Ire in Congress

Boeing Sees 'Substantial' Market Opportunity in Deal

After months of griping that US companies are being left out of the bonanza of potential contracts for the reconstruction of Iran after the P5+1 nuclear deal, several in Congress are now riled up by reports that major US company Boeing is close to finalizing a deal with Iran.

Iran’s civilian airliners had been many decades out of date, and in many cases so unsafe they weren’t allowed in some countries. With Iranian assets being unfrozen, they’re keen to buy a new fleet, and after a deal in January with Europe’s Airbus, a multi-billion dollar deal with Boeing is likely next.

Boeing CEO Dennis Mullenburg told investors earlier this month that Iran represented a “substantial” market opportunity, and that they hoped to carve out a 50/50 market share with Airbus, despite being several months behind on getting a deal.

Rep. Peter Roskam (R – IL) slammed the potential deal, saying Congress believed it “jeopardizes the safety and security of the American people” for Iran to buy new civilian planes from an American company.

Congressional hawks would certainly be inclined to kill the deal for the heck of it, but Boeing is also a major military contractor with a lot of political clout, which is leading many analysts to conclude that the deal will ultimately go through.

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  • lordbaldric

    Iran better be ready to see this contract unfulfilled and/or spare parts cut off in the future. Haven’t they learned their lesson yet?

  • Gary Sellars

    Why would Iran buy from the US? It just takes a change of mind of US whores and they will find their planes undelivered and their payments frozen…

  • TellTheTruth-2

    The CIA overthrew the Government in Iran in 1953. The people of Iran overthrew the CIA installed dictator in 1979 and took their country back. The low grade morons in the US Congress have been crying over spilled milk for the last 37 years. Grow up. Get over it. The people of Iran and the people of the USA would like to get along if congress would get out of the way and stop their war mongering.

    • Tom Aman

      AIPAC says they can’t

      • TellTheTruth-2

        LOL .. sad; but, true.

  • wars r u.s.

    How exactly would this deal “jeopardize the safety and security” of the American people? What an effing moron.

  • Bastiat

    Good for Boeing. They should be able to sell planes to anyone that will buy them.

  • Iran should focus on a deal with Sukhoi and ditch the western designs. It’s a matter of safety. Boeing and Airbus planes can be hijacked remotely, that’s been a “feature” for decades. If I were them, I would never trust products from countries who wish to harm me.