Civilians Fleeing Fallujah Tortured, Killed by Shi’ite Militias

Locals Trying to Flee Fighting 'Detained' by Militias

In the Iraqi government’s concern about the fate of civilians in ISIS-held Fallujah, we have repeatedly been reminded that some 50,000 are still in the city. Several hundred managed to escape, but the reports today suggest they didn’t get far, and probably would’ve been better off staying under siege.

New reports emerging today reveal that the Shi’ite militias involved in the offensive against the overwhelmingly Sunni city “detained” the fleeing civilians by the hundreds, hauling them off to the militia-run sections of the Mazraa Army Base, where they are held incommunicado.

In keeping with the militias’ track record in previous “liberation” of Sunni territory, the detainees who have been freed, which are a small minority of the overall number of captives, showed signs of severe torture, and at least four died of their injuries already.

Those released say they were reportedly tortured by militia members asking them if they were ISIS members, before ultimately being released. Anbar Provincial MP Sheikh Raja al-Issawi criticized the move, and pushed for a government investigation of the matter.

That’s unlikely to happen, as the government is so deeply beholden to the militias, and indeed so many of the militias’ top leaders are also politically powerful figures, that they really are above the law in Iraq. This is how previous concerns about such actions, including from the US and the international community, were quickly dismissed by the government as “ISIS propaganda.”

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  • Defending Islam

    I have never seen these militias being referred to as the savage terrorists they are by the writers on this site. I hope they are not drinking the Kool-Aid by means of which only ‘Sunni Arabs’ can possibly ever be terrorists and the torture of other groups is ‘Angelic Torture’, ‘Popular, Hashd Justice’ or some other play on words.

  • Muslim Answers
    • Bianca

      The purpose of the story is — they are all bad. Especially legitimate governments and armies. Also — any groups that are supportive of go ernment efforts to erradicate terrorists — are by association “bad”. Same hoes for pro-government militias in Syria — be they Sunni, Shia or Christian. In Iraq –it is not only Shia militia supporting the go ernment troups but also a number of Sunni tribes, Since it is ISIS that is known for mass millings on daily basis — who spread the story that Shia are killing those ru ning from Faludjah. There is no reason whatsoever for anybody to kill those fleeing Falludjah. But plenty of reason for ISIS that is holding population hostage to kill ghose attempting to flee. Our media is fed a narrative by a handfull of people who control the narrative. We do not have free media any more. But in the world of phones and cameras it is harder and harder to keep up the straight face watching the media choreography.

      • Muslim Answers

        The statement “There is no reason whatsoever for anybody to kill those fleeing Falludjah” is denialist of what this very page and many other outlets [alternative as well, mind you] are reporting.

        There is every reason due to which fleeing civilians would be killed by militias, either due of lack of professionalism in these gangs (no surprise there), blind rage against Fallujah and Sunni Arabs (no surprise there again), or simply to chalk up higher numbers of ‘killed terrorists’ (again, nothing surprising there, and besides a tactic learned from the USA, who is now providing the air cover for these atrocities)

        Simply because one side is a bunch murderous thugs does not mean there are not murderous thugs on other sides of this conflict as well. It is best if the writers at antiwar and other alternative media sources would start to routinely refer to these militia gangs as ‘Shia terrorists’, since in an obvious way this is what they are. Then the readership in general can see that the world powers are merely providing heavy material assistance to this particular set of terrorists, just that these terrorists aren’t IS or Al-Qaeda.

  • Bianca

    Fleeing Fallujans are talking of life under ISIS. They had to work for them for food. They kidnapped their daughters snd even young children for slave sale or random. Took any if thrif possessions. Cut heads for any perceived transgression of their orders.
    But all we here in our news is how shiites are executing fleeing Fallujans. In our media in every conflict it is always the government that is evil and the rebels good — be they religious fanatics, criminals, secessionists or sny garden variety troublemakers. Same old story from the Clintons’ excellent Balkan adventures — onward.

  • Bianca

    Check the source. BBC, and its sources, Sunni sources that seem to be designated to put down any efforts by Iraqi government to tackle ISIS. The information makes ZERO sense, as there is no animosity against suffering people of Fallujah that are trying to flee. They have been held hostage by ISIS, and the chaos in Fallujah with ISIS focusing on defending their positions allowed many to flee. But those that are caught pay dearly. And with all this going on, whose fault is everything? Of course, the Government and the Shia. BBC, Pravda on the Thames.

  • Bianca

    A great deal is coming out of Fallujah — and the world media is not as shy as ours. What is coming out is the hell that the population is living through under ISIS. And what is happening in the western press? Full court press damage control — and looking for scapegoats. Also, looking for inflaming the Shia-Sunni divide. I suspect that people there have seen this neocon play one time too many, and will not believe it. Who would believe that Shia militia that is helping Iraqi Army to liberate Fallujah, is comprised of fanatics that would kill for sectarian reasons. They know very well the suffering of Sunni people under ISIS, and this hate against ISIS unites them. Perhaps, this is bothering the Neocon International. They fear the Shia-Sunni unity against Saudi cult, and they fear that all the investment in building up the flames of sectarianism may be for naught. What is happening in Syria? Majority of Assad’s army are SUNNIS. Majority of Sunnis in both Syria and Iraq DO NOT support the extreme cult of Wahhabism. This year Sunnis from Iran will not go to Saudi Arabia pilgrimage at the end of Ramadan. Many other Sunni communities will do the same. Many Sunni tribes have met recently in Baghdad to offer help to the Government in fighting ISIS. Yet, the Government that was put together to please US, is reluctant to do what they need to do, as opposed to follow US orders. Thus, US wanted Iraq to again attempt the attack on Mosul, but at present, it is not possible. Not for as long as large towns like Fallujah is occupied by ISIS. So, to please US, Government sent some tanks to Mosul, but is not giving up on ousting ISIS from Fallujah. In one BBC article, it is suggested that Fallujah residents are “better off” under ISIS!!!! The reality is Iraq need to do what Syria has done — consolidate firmly within positions that can be defended, before going any further. Trying to react to all ISIS takeovers is a loosing proposition, as Armies must be resupplied, have facilities near by, and not be in dangers of their supply routes being cut off or attacked from the back. But priority must be to remove ISIS strongholds before moving further and stretching the supply routes. And this is what US is advocating Iraq do — again. And, again, US air force will not be there to take out ISIS weapons storages, command centers, telecom, vehicles, ammunition and explosive factories, etc. Why on earth will Iraq do that — again! Good lesson is Syria. After consolidating positions once occupied by Al-Nusra, Army created conditions to keep the territory. This can never stop isolated suicide bombers, as such are fed by Wahhabi cult fanaticism — but it prevents again large scale takeover of cities and villages. Now, in Syria, Al-Nusra and ISIS are located in defined areas, and they can gradually be squeezed. It is already being the case, and US is telling Russia NOT to attack Al-Qaeda any more. That is at this point almost a mute point, as Syrian army has the capabilities to fight in the area of Aleppo having fortified its own positions. When ready, it can push to Raqqa, but however appealing, it is not a priority. Priority is to sort out the territorial claims by various parties in and around Aleppo.
    Iraq should not go any further then its ability to assert span of control. Mosul can wait.

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