Taliban Kills 12, Kidnaps Dozens in Northern Afghanistan

Fighters Stopped Buses in Kunduz Province, Detained Troops

Taliban forces attacked four buses carrying around 200 people in the Kunduz Province of Afghanistan today, killing at least 12 people in the course of the incidents and taking dozens of hostages, who were described as “security personnel” who were wearing civilian clothes.

The exact details of how many hostages are still unaccounted for are uncertain. One Afghan official said 35, another insisted 20, and the Taliban’s own statement claimed 26, although they’d also claimed just 6  killed in the course of the attacks.

Afghan officials claimed to have “rescued” around 140 other passengers, and the math doesn’t really work out with any of the reported numbers right now. The rescue does not appear to have been a fight, but rather the Taliban simply ditching them by the side of the road after making off with everyone carrying a card identifying them as a government employee.

The Taliban described everyone captured as “army personnel,” and claimed the slain had “tried to escape.” There has been no word of the fate of those kidnapped by the Taliban, or indications of any demands or offers for a trade.

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Author: Jason Ditz

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