Libyan Oil Forces Capture Town From ISIS After Heavy Fighting

Oil Guards Pledge Loyalty to UN-Backed 'Unity' Government

Libya’s Petroleum Facilities Guard (PFG) has announced heavy fighting and the capture of the Libyan town of Ben Jawad over the past day, saying they are still continuing to sweep the town in an effort to fully secure the area.

The PFG has pledged loyalty to the UN-backed “unity” government, and amounts to one of the few groups of security forces actually supportive of this faction, one of three claimed “national” governments in Libya, and countless regional and local factions.

The PFG reported five of their fighters were killed and 16 wounded in the fight over Ben Jawad. They did not offer any report on ISIS casualties. The town is 100 miles away from the main ISIS city in Libya, the oil-rich site of Sirte.

A PFG spokesman insisted that the offensive would continue with a move against Nawfiliyah. Whether it ultimately proves wise for the Petroleum Facilities Guard to move away from guarding petroleum facilities, and toward trying to conquer territory for the fledgling government, remains to be seen.

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