Report: Britain to Send More Troops to Libya This Week

British Warplanes Jamming Communication in ISIS City

New reports out of Britain suggest the nation is preparing to send more ground troops into Libya this week, with estimations that the latest group will be about 50 troops. Britain has been slowly adding troops to Libya in recent months, despite publicly denying any plans for a ground war in the country.

All-told, Britain is planning to deploy around 1,000 ground troops into Libya to take part in a Libya-led invasion. Officials say this will be a “training” force, though they have also conceded that only a fraction would be trainers.

Earlier this month, some British and Italian special forces were ambushed by ISIS inside Libya, with a number of Italian troops killed or wounded in the incident. Few official details have been offered, however, as the deployment is largely still secret.

British warplanes are said to have carried out communications interference over the major ISIS city in Libya, the city of Sirte. Officials said ISIS was “very angry” after this move.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of