US Announces ‘Nationwide’ Syria Ceasefire, Rebels Express Doubts

Kerry Reports Deal Made With Russia on the Matter

Details are scant, but Secretary of State John Kerry has claimed a “nationwide” ceasefire has been established in Syria, following negotiations with Russia. No local faction within Syria has confirmed the ceasefire yet, and reels have expressed doubts about it.

Kerry presented the new ceasefire as a replacement for the “piecemeal” ceasefires currently in place, though the Syrian military affirmed the extension of the local ceasefire in Aleppo, suggesting such measures aren’t exactly being phased out.

Kerry also claimed that the deal included major limitations to the Syrian military being allowed to fly missions over civilian areas around the country. Russian officials have yet to confirm anything about this putative deal.

Rebels said they don’t believe the Assad government would respect the deal, but so far no faction seems to e doing anything about it, and it is only a single comment by Kerry that suggests the deal is even a thing. While there is some hope this might lead to new peace talks, it wouldn’t be the first time the US and Russia made a deal which ultimately didn’t take hold inside Syria.

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