FBI Creates South Florida Sting Involving Fake Bomb

FBI Provided Would-Be bomber With Fake Device

The latest in a long line of “plots” the FBI has claimed “foiled” happened last week, when the FBI arrested 40-year-old James Medina on charges of attempting to blow up a Jewish center in southern Florida’s Coral Springs.

As with so many such plots, however, Medina’s “bomb” was provided to him by the FBI, and was a fake. Medina told an informant that he wanted to throw a bomb at the center and leave a leaflet behind to “make it look like it’s ISIS here in America.” The FBI then got him a bomb.

Medina, however, isn’t believed to have any ties to ISIS at all, and his previous legal history involved getting arrested for sending threatening texts. He is charged with “attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction.”

Medina attempted to speak during his court appearance, but was prevented from doing so by the judge, who insisted that he should “keep his mouth shut.” The Jewish center says they were told by the FBI that they were never in any danger.

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Author: Jason Ditz

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