US: North Korea Fails Two Missile Tests

UN Slams 'Provocative' Attempted Test

According to US military officials, North Korea has attempted what were likely two intermediate range ballistic missile tests today, but both of the tests failed. The launches were reported near the coastal city of Wonsan.

US Strategic Command said the missiles were failures, and it is believed they were both Musudan missiles, which have a range that would allow them to hit Japan or Guam, but have never successfully been tested in flight.

The tests were likely meant to be a prelude to the North Korean party conference next week, and would’ve given the leadership something to brag about, if either of the launches had worked. A similar launch two weeks ago also was a “catastrophic failure.”

The UN slammed North Korea for the “provocation” of attempting the test, and Chinese officials say that the UN Security Council is discussing the best way to respond to the launches. North Korea had offered to suspend their missile program earlier this week in return for the US ended massive military exercises along their border, but President Obama refused.

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