Clashes, Airstrikes Threaten Yemen Ceasefire, Saudi General Killed

Both Sides Trade Blame for Fighting

The Yemen ceasefire has been a relative success, at least compared to previous ones which saw no real reduction in fighting, but saw significant fighting today in the Sanaa Province, where pro-Saudi forces captured strategic hills in the area.

Both sides are blaming the other for the fighting in Sanaa’s Nihm District, with the Houthis saying the Saudis just attacked and captured the hills, and the Saudis claiming they launched the offensive because of a “violation of the ceasefire by the Houthis.”

Exact death tolls still aren’t certain in the latest fighting, but Saudi Maj. Gen. Zaid al-Howri was confirmed killed by sniper fire as he was leading one of the advances into the district. At least a few fighters were slain on both sides.

Locals in several other parts of Yemen are reporting Saudi airstrikes today as well, suggesting that while the Saudis have reduced the number of attacks during the ceasefire, they’ve far from halted. Fighting in the Maarib Province was also reported, with two pro-Saudi fighters killed.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of