Syrian Kurds Say Six Months to Finalization of Autonomy Plan

Despite US, Turkey Condemning Move, Plans Continue

Even though the US continues to express opposition to the idea, and Turkey is absolutely livid, the territory of the Syrian Kurdish faction, the PYD, is advancing with its plans to establish its territory as an autonomous federation in northern Syria.

Kurdish officials say that within six months they intend to build a new government, complete with constitutions and free regional elections to govern the region of “Rojava,” and that the territory will eventually expand to encompass most of ISIS’ territory.

The US is objecting to the plans on the grounds that they want a powerful central government in Syria, at least once they regime change it into a government they like. Turkey, on the other hand, just doesn’t like the Kurds, and claims any autonomy within Rojava will just make Turkey’s own Kurdish minority, already facing constant military attack, more uppity about their lack of rights.

Kurdish officials maintain that their regional government will not amount to secession from Syria, and will cooperate with a future unity government of Syria under terms to be negotiated later. Russia is believed to be at least somewhat supportive to the idea of federalism within Syria, though they haven’t addressed the Kurdish effort specifically.

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