ISIS Affiliate Takes Credit for Sinai Attacks on Egypt Forces

Sinai Police Commander Wounded in Roadside Bomb

The ISIS affiliate in the Sinai Peninsula, which simply calls itself “Sinai Peninsula,” has issued a statement claiming credit for a series of attacks on Wednesday and Thursday against Egyptian security forces.

Reports from the area suggest seven people were killed, including one civilian, and 15 people were wounded, in roadside attacks targeting armored personnel carriers. The ISIS statement, however, insisted at least 18 soldiers were killed.

Sinai police commander Gen. Yasser Hafez was reported wounded in a roadside bombing attack on al-Arish road, though officials insist he only sustained “minor injuries.” None of the slain have been identified.

The Egyptian military junta has been launching offensives against Sinai since the summer 2013 coup d’etat. Since then, a region that was only sparsely controlled but had some significant local Islamist groups has turned into a massive warzone with a large and effective ISIS affiliate, and the war has no end in sight.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of