ISIS Attacks Power Station Near Syrian Capital

Dozens Killed as ISIS Launches Car Bombs

Beginning with five car bomb attacks, ISIS fighters advanced against the Tishrin Power Station near the Syrian capital of Damascus, and also attacked military positions around the key Dumeir military airport, killing dozens.

There are several conflicting death tolls, but according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the attack killed 12 Syrian troops and 15 civilians. 15 ISIS fighters were also killed, along with five ISIS car bombers.

Syrian officials said they believe the ISIS attacks were a response to recent military defeats, including the loss of Palmyra, though ISIS has been launching attacks across the country for years and doesn’t seem to need an excuse.

All the same, the attacks don’t appear to be a serious attempt to seize any territory, but rather just the usual violence aimed at keeping Syrian troops, and the civilians in government territory, on edge.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of