Monitor: Syria Ceasefire Has Civilian Death Toll at Four-Year Low

First Month of Ceasefire a Major Success

One month into the ceasefire in Syria, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported 363 civilians killed across Syria during that period. While it sounds ominous, this actually represents the lowest monthly total in four years.

The Observatory said that of the 363 civilians, 174 were killed in areas affected by the ceasefire, and the other 189 civilians were in territory held by Islamist rebels who are not party to the ceasefire, like ISIS and al-Qaeda’s Nusra Front.

Put in perspective, the last month before the ceasefire saw over 1,100 civilians killed, therefore this represents a decrease by more than two thirds. Efforts are still ongoing to improve respect for the ceasefire, though all factions insist that it is only their enemies who are violating it.

The ceasefire has also allowed for the resumption of the UN-brokered peace talks, and while negotiations aren’t making tremendous progress, the relative calm on the ground encourages dialogue rather than fighting.

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