Syrian Kurds Condemned for Establishing Autonomous Zone

US Won't Accept Self-Governed Zones in Syria

As expected, Syria’s Kurdish PYD faction announced the establishment of the federal democratic area of Rojava, essentially a bid to formalize their autonomy over their territory across northern Syria. This fueled angry condemnation from several sources.

Turkey, which has been attacking the Kurds, condemned the move as a threat to Syrian unity,while Syria’s Foreign Ministry insisted the announcement had no legal value without a nationwide referendum showing it reflected the will of the entire country.

Syrian rebels lashed the move on general principle, insisting they oppose all forms of federalism inside Syria, and are determined to see a powerful national government, naturally with themselves at the helm. The Kurds insisted the move doesn’t represent an attempt to secede.

Even the US, which has been backing the Syrian Kurds, and who imposed a virtually identical situation in neighboring Iraq with the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), slammed the move, saying they would not accept any self-governed zones inside Syria and want a totally unified nation.

The only nation unlikely to oppose the move is Russia, which had been calling for the establishment of a federal system in Syria as a way to resolve the civil war. That Russia likes the idea is probably a major factor in why the US doesn’t.

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