With New Deployment, Over 1,000 British Troops in Iraq Region

Most British Troops in the Middle East Since Last Iraq War

Britain has announced the deployment of dozens of additional ground troops to Iraq to help with the US-led war against ISIS, bringing the total number of British troops in and around Iraq to over 1,000, the largest number since the end of their involvement in the last Iraq occupation in 2009.

This figure involves a significant number of British troops taking part in training operations to prop up the Iraqi military, hoping to prepare them for a major spring offensive, and also around 200 special forces who are in direct fighting on the ground.

Britain has been involved in the ISIS war from the beginning of US involvement, and has repeatedly escalated that involvement in lock-step with the Obama Administration. Britain initially restricted their involvement to Iraq, but late last year expanded it to Syria.

Britain is believed to have a significant number of citizens fighting for ISIS as well, with estimates back in 2014 of as many as 700, and some suggestions since that the number has grown further.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of Antiwar.com.