Airstrike Kills Four Civilians in Libyan ISIS City of Sirte

ISIS Attacks Misrata Checkpoint in Retaliation

An airstrike against the main ISIS city in Libya, Sirte, hit near a water plant in the city, killing at least four civilians, three of them children. The attack was launched by warplanes based out of Misrata, and loyal to the Misrata militia.

After the strike, ISIS responded by attacking a checkpoint south of Misrata, killing three of the guards at the site. ISIS had been advancing in the area at any rate, but the timing has many believing it was retaliatory for the strikes.

The Misrata militia was one of the largest militia factions in the nation’s West during the rebellion against Gadhafi. The group is believed to have significant influence within the Tripoli-based government, one of two governments operating within Libya.

The Libyan affiliate of ISIS was initially based in Derna, but in fighting with other Islamist groups there was ultimately expelled. The group has since gained considerable territory around Sirte, and has contested oil ports around Ras Lanouf, as well as pushed into the road leading to Misrata.

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