US, Russia Working on Increased Aid Flow During Syria Ceasefire

WHO Reports Certain Medical Supplies 'Rejected' From Aid Convoy

With the ceasefire in Syria continuing to hold, State Department officials report that they are in contact with Russia to increase the flow of humanitarian aid into areas of Syria which had previously been too violent to get to.

The WHO is reporting that there’s been some difficulty with a convoy to Moadamiya, saying Syrian officials had “rejected” some of the medical supplies that were on the convoy. They did not indicate who objected to those supplies, and why those but not the other medical and food aid, but the US condemned it as “unconscionable.”

It doesn’t appear to have been a decision by the Syrian government itself but by some local officials, as previous reports had indicated that the UN was having a hard time negotiating all of these local agreements to actually get aid everywhere it needs to go.

Getting a deal in place nationwide on food aid, with both rebels and the government, may be difficult, but after the surprising success of the ceasefire deal, it seems possible that more deals could be reached.

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