Netanyahu: Syria Peace Deal Must Meet Israel’s Needs

Declares 'Red Line' in Allowing Terrorist Front in Golan

Speaking today ahead of a cabinet meeting, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu insisted that Israel “welcomes” the ongoing Syrian ceasefire in theory, but insists that the international community recognize that any peace deal ending the Syrian Civil War has to comply with Israel’s needs.

Netanyahu and other officials were vague on exactly what that meant, but insisted that it had to halt “Iranian aggression from Syria,” which likely suggests Israel is going to demand a regime change that installs a new government that’s not an ally to Iran.

That’s in keeping with Israeli comments throughout the war that they “prefer ISIS” ending up in control of Syria as opposed to an Iranian ally, because they believe Iran will always be Israel’s “main enemy” under any circumstance.

Israeli officials also suggested they might attack Syria some more to prevent arms transfers to Hezbollah, and also to keep the Syrian Golan from becoming a “terrorist front.” Ironically, Israel appeared very comfortable when the Syrian Golan was under al-Qaeda control, and is only objecting to the notion the Syrian government might regain control of it.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of