Reported Russian Airstrikes Kill 54 Civilians in ISIS-Held Syria

Russia: Absurd to Claim So Many Civilians Slain

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has reported 54 civilians killed across three different cities in Syria, as Russia launched airstrikes against ISIS-held strongholds in three different provinces. At least 10 children were said to be among the slain.

The largest incident was in Deir Ezzor Province, where Russian strikes targeted villages around the provincial capital, killing 29. Deir Ezzor has been contested by ISIS and the Syrian military in recent weeks, which huge civilian casualties as ISIS has expanded into several villages.

The other two strikes were in al-Baab, in Aleppo Province, and Ghanto, in Homs Province., which killed 15 and 10, respectively. The Russian government has rejected the accusations, saying it is “absurd” to suggest so many civilians were killed.

Russia has repeatedly denied reports from the Syrian Observatory, much as the US has. Between the two, well over a thousand civilians have been slain in airstrikes, though neither nation has admitted to more than a handful.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of