At Least Nine Civilians Killed as Saudi Airstrike Hits Yemen Oil Port

Dozens Wounded as Airstrike Causes Massive Fire

Saudi warplanes have launched another attack against the north Yemen port city of Hodeidah today, hitting a small oil port which accepts refined oil products for domestic distribution, and causing a massive fire, which locals are still attempting to put out.

At least nine civilian workers were killed in the first, and 30 others wounded, though some reports have suggested the death toll could rise to as high as 16, with the local rescue workers still trying to get the situation under control.

Hodeidah is squarely in Shi’ite Houthi territory, and the city has been the primary route for all supplies, including food and other basic aid, into the capital city of Sanaa, since Saudi warplanes destroyed the Sanaa Airport to prevent aid planes from landing there.

Since then, Hodeidah has come under off and on attack by Saudi warplanes, with particular focus on ships attempting to make deliveries at the ports. Infrastructure badly damaged, the port is by and large still operational, irrespective of the civilian toll the air war is exacting.

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