Bus Bomber Kills 11 in Attack on Aden Police Chief

Rammed Busload of Explosives Into His Home

The temporary capital of pro-Saudi southern Yemen continues to have major struggles with security today, with a suicide bus bomber attempting to assassinate the city’s police chief. The chief survived, but two of his bodyguards and nine others were killed, and at least 15 others were wounded.

The bus went for chief Shaei’s house, just down the street from the governor’s house, slamming into a pair of vehicles at the western gate of the compound and causing a massive explosion.Parts of the house were badly damaged, and a number of nearby vehicles destroyed.

Shaei survived a similar vehicle bombing attack last month, and the governor’s house was also targeted in a similar manner. The attacks have so far failed to kill any high-profile members of the pro-Saudi government.

There have been several on-again, off-again crackdowns by security forces in Aden against the various Islamist factions, including some major fights over to port itself, with dozens killed earlier this month. Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) is known to have a significant presence in and around Aden.

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Author: Jason Ditz

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