Syrian Rebels: No Peace Talks Without Govt Concessions

Insists on UN Deal Implementation, Extra 'Goodwill Steps'

A Syrian rebel coalition that has already repeatedly indicated they probably aren’t going to attend the January 25 UN peace talks today added new demands, including the full implementation of humanitarian articles in the latest UN resolution.

The resolution’s articles are mostly about the need to allow aid access into sieged towns on all sides, and to cease all fighting in populated areas. The rebels insisted they also expect to have other “goodwill steps” from the government, including the mass release of rebel prisoners.

“We do not accept any compromise,” the rebels added in a statement. The rebels had previously also indicated they expected a full end to Russian airstrikes and an end to Syria’s government contesting certain territory.

The Syrian government has also made attending the talks conditional on the UN providing them with a full list of invited rebel groups to ensure that none are “terrorists.” So far, such a list hasn’t been offered because they simply haven’t agreed on who can attend, and it may not matter since ultimately neither side might end up sending any delegates anyhow.

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Author: Jason Ditz

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