Hezbollah Claims Russia Directly Arming Them

No Restrictions on Use of Arms Against Israel

Commanders of the Hezbollah militia have claimed, in comments to the Daily Beast, that they are closely working with the Russian government, and that Russia is directly providing them with “heavy weapons” with no strings attached.

Hezbollah has been seen as hugely important to the battle on the ground in Syria, backing the Assad government, and reports that they were interested in pulling out of Syria right before Russia joined the war may be related, convincing Russia that they could “buy” continued Hezbollah involvement.

Syria has struggled to arm Hezbollah in the fight, however, with Israel regularly attacking Syrian military sites believed involved in the transfer. Israel is almost certain not to attempt that with Russia, though the Hezbollah commanders insisted that Russia did not forbid them from using the arms against Israel.

Details of what all they’re being given are unclear, but the Russian military is said to be having Hezbollah defend some of their arms depots in northwest, and basically giving Hezbollah the run of those depots to take what they need for the fight.

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Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of Antiwar.com.