Germany Lifts Alert After Overnight Munich Panic

Tip Named Several Militants Planning Attacks on Train Stations

After half a day of panic, Germany finally lifted their alert over reports of an “imminent attack” in the Bavarian city of Munich, saying they had very concrete tips about a planned attack that ultimately never materialized.

Shortly before midnight, German officials say they got a tip with the names of several militants from Iraq and Syria who were planning to attack a pair of train stations in Munich. Officials were unable to locate the suspects, or even confirm if they are in Germany.

The Bavarian Interior Ministry reported that the tip came from French intelligence, and indicated that ISIS was behind the plot. Germany closed the stations for several hours overnight, reopening them and then abandoning the alert a few hours after that.

This was one of several examples of major security concerns in Europe in recent days, including reports from Vienna that an unnamed “friendly intelligence service” had warned that the capitals ofc Europe faced an attack before the New Year. That report too included the names of several suspected attackers.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of