19 Civilians Among 51 Killed in Yemen Fighting

Saudi Airstrikes Destroy Homes Near Border

Even though a Monday ceasefire has already been agreed to, fighting raged across Yemen over the weekend, with both sides trying to secure last minute gains, with 51 killed nationwide, including at least 19 civilians.

Much of the fighting, as in recent days, centered on the Taiz Province, and the nearby Dhale Province. 21 Houthi fighters and four pro-Hadi fighters were slain in fighting around that area, while seven more Houthis were killed in Taiz.

In the far north, Saudi warplanes destroyed a number of homes near a market, killing 12 civilians in Hajjah Province, and killed seven more civilians in an attack in Qabatiya, farther south. Dozens of others were wounded.

The ceasefire begins Monday evening, five minutes before midnight, and peace talks are scheduled for later in the week in Geneva. Previous efforts at UN brokered talks have accomplished little, though the Saudis are said to be under increased pressure to make a deal soon.

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Author: Jason Ditz

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