Arab Nations’ Intel Tips Often Go Unheeded in West

Iraq, Saudi Arabia Gave France Pre-Attack Warnings

As ISIS continues to grow in the Middle East, those nations in the vicinity have been watching close, and gathering large amounts of intelligence on them. Yet when ISIS looks to attack Western nations like France, advance warnings from the Arab nations appear to go unheeded.

Both Iraq and Saudi Arabia reportedly provided France with warnings ahead of the Friday ISIS attacks, and a lot of other Arab nations seem to be awash in intelligence that Western nations treat with automatic suspicion.

To some extent, it’s a function of those nations’ intelligence communities being in bed with terrorist groups, though it’s not as though Western nations are unfamiliar with backing convenient terrorist movements in enemy countries.

Officials also complain that those nations haven’t always been a forthcoming with intelligence as the US and others would’ve hoped in the past, though it seems that’s a poor excuse for spurning their intelligence now that it’s on offer.

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