Egypt Media: Reports of ISIS Bombing a Western ‘Terrorism’ Conspiracy

Media Outlets Claim Reports Aimed at Undermining Junta

Egypt’s military junta so stubbornly denied that the recent bombing of a Russian Metrojet plane over the Sinai Peninsula was an act of terrorism that they didn’t even initiate their own investigation into the attack until a week after the plane went down, and then only after several nations banned flights to the region. Publicly, much of the leadership still doesn’t acknowledge even the possibility of an ISIS attack.

This narrative appears to be getting broadly embraced by the Egyptian media, as several are now claiming that not only was there no bomb on the plane, but that Western nations invented the idea of a bombing as a plot to undermine the junta and “scare off tourists.”

Various outlets, both state-run and the private media that the junta hasn’t shut down yet, are advancing this as a broad Western “conspiracy” against Egypt, and are labeling Western reports of the plane being bombed as “terrorism” against Egypt.

Though claims of conspiracies against the junta are not uncommon in Egypt, in this particular case it seems unusually bizarre, as the intelligence pointed toward ISIS bombing the plane has overwhelming come from Israel and the United States, two of the nations most supportive of the nation’s 2013 military coup, which installed the current junta.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of