US Escalates Syria Strikes, But Little Coalition Help

US Already Accounted for 95% of Strikes Inside Syria

With plans to deploy a handful of ground troops in Syria, the Obama Administration has also moved to dramatically escalate the number of airstrikes that they carry out against ISIS targets inside the nation, despite growing concessions that those strikes are having very little material impact.

Those strikes are being couched as an escalation of the coalition’s air war against ISIS, but there appears to be little to no coalition involvement in Syria anymore, with the US increasingly amounting to materially all of the strikes carried out on Syrian soil.

Over the course of a year’s war, the US has amounted to 95% of the strikes in Syria, but the coalition that made up the other 5% is drying up rapidly, with Canada bailing on the war after their recent election and the GCC member nations mostly having abandoned the fight to commit more warplanes to bombing Yemen.

At this point the strikes boil down to the US, with Jordan, France, and Australia each offering token support. British officials have been keen to join the strikes as well, but have so far been unable to get parliament to approve of airstrikes on Syria, and are confined exclusively to Iraq.

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