Lack of Syrian Involvement in Vienna’s Syria Talks

Rebels Pan Lack of Invitations as Proof Talks Aren't Serious

The ongoing Vienna talks on Syria have made headlines this week for being the first to include the Iranian government. Still absent, however, is anyone from inside Syria, as neither the Assad government nor the rebels appear to have sent representatives or even been invited.

The Syrian National Coalition issued a statement saying they believe the talks show a “lack of seriousness” for not inviting anyone from their coalition, which styles itself as the official “government-in-exile” of Syria. They also objected to Iran’s involvement.

Free Syrian Army (FSA) officials further affirmed that there was no invite made to any armed rebel force, and the Assad government, while not making any statements as such, appears to have simply been resigned to not being invited, what with these talks occurring so often and seemingly never including them.

Such meetings have been happening on and off for years throughout the war, but the recent incarnations have mostly centered on the US and Russia debating what they intend to impose on post-war Syria, with Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and most recently Iran being allowed to provide some input, but the Syrians themselves treated as all but irrelevant to the process.

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