Israeli Police Repeatedly Raid East Jerusalem Hospital, Seeking Shot Teen

Police Vow to Indict Palestinian 15-Year-Old for 'Rioting'

Israeli police have carried out multiple raids against a hospital in occupied East Jerusalem over the past two days, seeking the location of a 15-year-old Palestinian protester who they’d shot, and who they accuse the hospital of “unlawfully” hiding.

The hospital denies the boy was ever there for treatment to begin with, but says that the police are questioning doctors on all teens being treated, and combed over their surveillance footage trying to find evidence of patients injured in the increasingly violent military crackdown against Palestinian neighborhoods. They reported no arrest made.

Police are insisting they have evidence the hospital has treated “hundreds”of injured patients who participate in the “rioting” against the government, and also claimed to have secured files relating to the 15-year-old in question, vowing to see him indicted.

Several hospitals have reported similar pressure to provide evidence against their wounded patients, and the hospitals are calling on the International Red Cross and other aid agencies to prevent Israel from using raids as an attempt to coerce them into providing their records.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of