Israeli Atomic Energy Panel Endorses Iran Nuclear Deal

Confirms Technical Aspects of the Deal Are Sound

Israel’s far-right government continues to loudly rail against the P5+1 nuclear deal with Iran every chance they get, saying it ensures a massive nuclear war in the future and is an “existential threat” to Israel, the subject of massive lobbying efforts by the government. A panel for Israel’s Atomic Energy Commission says it’s just fine.

The panel, according to Israeli media reports, was charged with analyzing the technical details of the pact, and came back affirming that they are sound, and that the deal does indeed do everything Western supporters say it does, and would keep Iran’s civilian nuclear program limited to civilian purposes.

The commission praised last minute changes to the design of Iran’s Arak Heavy Water reactor design, and said the monitoring in general would allow any potential Iranian violation to be “detected easily,” ensuring compliance going forward.

The report also concluded that Iran’s existing civilian uranium enrichment is “not ideal” from Israel’s perspective, but unlikely to pose a real threat because of the monitoring of the enrichment program and the difficulties in miniaturizing a uranium-based weapon to a deliverable version.

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