Russia Seeks New, Broader Military Talks With US on Syria Strikes

Pentagon Slams Russia, But Suggests Openness to Talks

Russia has formally offered a new round of “deconfliction” talks with the US on their respective wars against ISIS in Syria, aimed at preventing the risk of conflicts between the two nations’ warplanes as they both operate in the same area against the same forces.

Russia suggested the new talks should be broader than previous discussions, and that they were open to making deals to ensure that the two nations don’t have any “midair mishaps” or serious risk of confrontation.

Defense Secretary Ash Carter responded by condemning Russia, saying that their recent violation of Turkish airspace during an anti-ISIS sortie justified the US to “further strengthen our posture” against Russia, though he did suggest that the talks may well happen.

At the same time, US officials suggested they were only interest in very limited talks, and only with specific conditions, wanting more details from Russia before they really commit to the matter. They also say that Russia’s offer to coordinate against ISIS, an offer they’ve repeatedly made to the US for weeks, is “not genuine.”

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of