ISIS Kills 22, Including 15 Soldiers, In Yemen Attacks

Attacks Span Both Pro-Saudi and Houthi Capitals

After months of intermittent attacks on the Shi’ite Houthi-held capital city of Sanaa, in northern Yemen, ISIS has expanded their interest in the country today, also attacking the pro-Saudi ‘temporary’ capital of Aden, along the southern coast, killing 22 overall.

15 of the 22 killed were in Aden, and all were identified as troops. Four Emirati troops were among the slain, along with one Saudi and 10 Yemenis. The attacks targeted a military base in Aden, along with a hotel used by officials in the pro-Saudi “government-in-exile.”

The Gulf troops appear to have been killed at the hotel, where they were providing security. There were no reports of any officials being hurt, and the pro-Saudi faction announced an “emergency meeting” after the attack.

ISIS also carried out an attack in Sanaa, and as usual went after a Shi’ite mosque there, killing seven people. ISIS has repeatedly targeted Shi’ite mosques in Sanaa, and this is one of the smaller such attacks in recent months, with other incidents killing scores.

That ISIS hit both capital cities on the same day is likely an effort to build their profile in Yemen. They are not believed to have a huge faction in the country, but have shown remarkable ability to organize and carry out attacks undetected.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of