Syrian Warplanes Hit Rebel-Held Aleppo Districts, Killing at Least 53 Civilians

Second Major Incident in Aleppo This Week

Earlier this week, rebel forces attacked Syrian government-held districts of Aleppo with artillery. Today, Syrian warplanes attacked the rebel-held districts nearby with a flurry of airstrikes. In both cases, as is so often the case, virtually everyone killed was a civilian.

Today’s airstrikes leveled several major buildings in residential districts, killing at least 53, and by some accounts over 60. The indications are that everyone slain was a civilian including 15 children. An undisclosed number of others were wounded.

The Tuesday strikes by the rebels similarly hit residential areas, killing at least 38 civilians, including 14 other children, and wounded at least 150 others. There is no indication that any territory changed hands in either incident.

This has been a problem in Aleppo, and other major disputed cities, for months and in some cases years, as the combatant forces launch tit-for-tat strikes against one another that neither solve anything or really damage the other combatants, instead taking huge civilian tolls.

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