ISIS Car Bombs Kill 26 in Northeastern Syria’s Hasakeh

At Least 13 Civilians Among the Slain

The city of Hasakeh, the northeastern provincial capital which is also the de facto capital of the Syrian Kurds, is once again under pressure from ISIS forces, with a pair of car bombings hitting the city and killing at least 26 people, including 13 civilians.

Hasakeh is unique among factional capitals in Syria in that it is jointly defended by both the Kurdish YPG and the Syrian military. The oil-rich region is out of government control, but the Assad government would much prefer it stays under YPG control than fall to ISIS.

The ISIS bombings targeted two different districts in the city, one targeting a site where Kurdish forces were, and the second targeting the headquarters of the Syrian military forces in the area. In addition to the slain, there were at least 40 wounded.

ISIS has tried to take Hasakeh several times, but always unsuccessfully. The repeated pushes have put considerable pressure of the defenses, however, and have also led a lot of civilians to flee the area.

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