Obama’s Terror Policy Criticized Amid Claims of ‘Progress’

Former Officials Say Wars Causing 'A Lot of Unintended Consequences'

The Anbar capital city of Ramadi falls, and Pentagon officials shrug. 300 people are killed in Kobani, and US officials tout the fact that ISIS didn’t capture the city outright. Not a day goes by lately, it seems, that the Obama Administration isn’t touting their “progress” in the ongoing war on terror.

The claims were never particularly credible, and while officials continue to maintain that the strategy is “working” and won’t be changed, many, including a lot of former officials, are harshly criticizing the administration’s plans, saying their wars simply aren’t working.

“Drone strikes are not creating a safer, more stable world,” warned David Sedney, a former Defense Department official who resigned in 2013, and warns that the US attacks are simply increasing the likelihood of bigger, more disastrous attacks against the US.

Another former Pentagon officials under Obama, Rosa Brooks, warned that “US counterterrorism policy has caused some intense backlash and has had a lot of unintended consequences.”

The administration seems to be ignoring the growing chorus of voices against the war policies, and are continuing to tout their strategy as a “successful” one, despite the lack of any measurable success.

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Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of Antiwar.com.