Sunni Tribesmen Kill 20 Houthis in Central Yemen

Tribals Ambushed Shi'ites on Road to Taiz

Houthi fighters suffered a major defeat in the central Ibb Province of Yemen today when they were ambushed by Sunni tribesmen on the outskirts of the town of Qaeda, along the road to the major city of Taiz. 20 Houthis were killed.

The Shi’ite Houthis are from the northern Saada Province, along the Saudi border, and took the capital city of Sanaa earlier this year. They have since expanded to control much of the country, though they are facing increasing opposition from Sunni factions since the Saudis declared war on them.

The Houthis have been making gains even in the south and central portions of the country, and even today’s ambush probably won’t be a major momentum changer, though it does likely add to the sectarian tensions in Ibb and the surrounding area.

Saudi forces have tried to aid various factions inside Yemen, hoping to get them to fight the Houthis. They are demanding the Houthis surrender control of the country back to former President Hadi, who resigned back in January.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of