Report: Iran to Send Aid Ship to Yemen During Ceasefire

Cargo Ship Full of Food and Medicine Planned

Reports from Iran’s Tasnim News Agency say that a cargo ship from Iran carrying humanitarian aid, both food and medicine, will be heading to Yemen for a delivery during this week’s ceasefire.

There aren’t a lot of details yet, but a 2,500 tonne ship will be making the delivery at the port of Hodeida, just west of Sanaa, the capital where some of the worst shortages are happening.

An Iranian cargo plane had attempted to make a delivery to Sanaa last week but was unable to do so, as Saudi warplanes destroyed all the runways at the airport to prevent them being able to land.

Though Saudi officials claim the Iranians are trying to smuggle weapons to Yemen’s Houthis, they have provided no proof of this claim, and repeated boardings of ships trying to deliver aid to Yemen have turned up no such arms.

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