Obama: Defeating ISIS Hinges on Syria Regime Change

Obama: Defeating ISIS Hinges on Syria Regime Change | At summit, Obama reiterates determination to oust Assad

Speaking today at the White House summit on violent extremism, President Obama insisted that the military goal of destroying ISIS was only possible by imposing regime change in Syria.

Obama presented ISIS current size as the fault of Assad and former Iraqi PM Nouri al-Maliki not being sufficiently “inclusive,” and presented the replacement of Maliki with current Iraqi PM Hayder Abadi as a success in the war.

Obama has come under repeated fire for his war in Syria, initially being presented as about ousting the Assad government, dramatically strengthening their position vis-a-vis the various rebels they’ve been attacking.

That he doesn’t envision the Syrian war ending without regime change suggests the US war there will be long indeed, as they haven’t even begun the process of creating the new “moderate” rebel faction that they intend to eventually install in power, and the Pentagon has only identified about 1,200 potential trainees, making it unclear how they’ll ever install this faction as a government.

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Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of Antiwar.com.

  • RickR30

    Do these people communicate with each other at all? One day some of them seem to realize that Assad is a good thing, the next day some clown comes out wanting to topple Assad, again. Who the hell runs the circus anyway?

    • Jaime

      They aren't interested in doing anything good in Syria or in the ME. Just more chaos, violence, plundering on behalf of their Zio Na*i masters.

    • vic the whip

      Rick you know the answer.The president will be speaking at your congress in a short while.

      • dick100

        You are correct, this was always the end game

        it was said "the Jihadists are to bring pressure on the Syian government. But tey were not intended to be part of the post-war Syria politics".

  • jtt

    Not sure if Obama is in step with reality, how did regime change in Libya work out for us, now that country is infested with terrorists and on the verge of collapse. Assad gone, Syria will become another hell hole. Why do I keep thinking….Israel….Israel?

  • didi

    The cat is out of the bag. This is the Syrian end game.

  • vic the whip

    I'll tell you one thing,as long as the US is interfering in the affairs of Syria,there will be retribution from the lord above.It started with hurricane Sandy four year ago as well as forest fires,tornadoes even affects of the nuclear problem from Japan.Last year was the vortex and this year the endless freezing snow.And it appears to affect New york and Boston especially,the home of AIPAC.So my message to the plotters says, until you let my people go face the wrath of the LORD.Genesis 25:20 Deutronomy 26:5.

  • adam frank

    Oh great, not satisfied with baiting Russia in it’s historic slavic buffer zone (Ukraine), we are going to start a war with their Syrian proxy to topple the LEAST FUNDAMENTALIST state in the middle east. WE APPEAR TO BE ON THE CUSP OF A REPEAT OF OUR IRAQ FIASCO.

  • Noel

    Once before, the alleged motive centered around 'chemical weapons' Then, they said, Assad was 'killing his own people' deliberately. Now, Assad is apparently responsible for ISIS, and now that is the reason the Syrian government must be destroyed, just as happened in Libya.

    The stories change, but the goal of the architects of this monstrous war has always been the same, since 2011 and right up until this very day: the annihilation of the Syrian nation! The defeat of the Syrian Arab Army to these international criminals portends nothing short of the wholesale extermination of Syria as a unified country, along with the destruction of all of its various cultures, and the physical destruction of hundreds of thousands of innocent lives, who would be butchered in the most bestial fashion. It will be transformed into little more than a province of the Caliphate.

    • Seamus Padraig

      And once Assad is out of the way, we could build our pipeline up from Saudi Arabia through Syria and into Turkey and, ultimately, Europe–bypassing the Russian pipelines. See: Washington has a plan after all! They just don't feel like it's our place to know.

    • arius1071

      Bush brought an apocalypse to Iraq, and Obama is trying to catch up. Libya, Egypt (almost), Syria, and Ukraine still are not enough for delusional Obama.

  • backblow

    Reminds me of the 2004 film Downfall for some reason

  • Garbage Heads

    These people are not only jackasses because Assad is the reason ISIS has not overrun Syria but liars as well because ISIS is funded by SA. Does anyone really think Russia is going to let Assad go down along w/ the Russian naval base on the Mediterranean?

  • wars r u.s.

    Must be nice to be that big of a bully to be able to openly talk about beating the s**t out of your next victim in advance. First we gotta slap around some bully wannabe's that will require our next victim's help.

  • ron

    Sorry O'Bomber nobody believes your BS anymore.

  • dick100

    Until six months ago ISIS were in the employ of the US .federal government and working for Obama. Tim Feitner is sitting beside him writing the pay checks whilst Chuck Hagel checks the payroll. he was using them to attack the Syrian government in what is known as a Covert Operation.

    Now we are asked to believe they have fallen out.
    But it is clear this is a complicated scheme to overthrow the Syran government.

  • JJJihad

    Obama has to talk about getting rid of Assad to at least try to placate the Jews.

    What's Syria ever done to the US, since the end of the USSR, anyway? Not a goddamned thing.

  • arius1071

    Defeating ISIS depends on regime change in Syria? Is Obama delusional? The answer is yes! Sc**w Obama and the US!

  • Caesar_Saladin

    I think the Russians might have something to say about Syrian regime change- and since the EU is warming up to the idea of backing off Assad and keeping him in power, I think Washington has some tap-dancing to do to keep the EU from swinging towards Moscow.

    The question I wonder about is that if Syria does indeed fall- and it will, with us trying to play out a regime change in the midst of a very real and deadly civil war- what comes afterward? Israel- our 'closest ally in the region' ends up with huge problem on its hands in the form of thousands of screaming fanatics right across the street. Those screaming fanatics might prove to be a bit more of an 'existential threat' to Israel than they ever thought Iran might be.

    But, hey- the arms manufacturers get a good paycheck from all of this, don't they?

  • John Ellis

    We exceptional white European Christians — Are Muslims and blacks beneath our dignity?

    A fake morality surely, for it all started during the Dark Ages, a time when the major teachings of the early Christians were declared to be heresy and abolished.

    For the early Christians taught that just as Christ was a pacifist who gave all his wealth and labors to the poor, so must all Christians be who wanted to join the church. Also, that humans were not in the slightest exceptional or immortal, that death was a state of nonexistence, that there was no eternal burning hell and that only the chosen few had life after death.

    Then came King Constantine in AD 381 and he to appoint himself the first Pope, to publish the first Bible, to declare Christianity a war-hawk religion and to create an army that later fought the Christian Crusades.

    So, the most humble and peace loving religion on earth, it proceeded to teach that those the most righteous are blessed by God with the most wealth, that those who bear the sword for government become the servants of God and all the churches were ruled by the richest men in the community.

    For to this day, white and wealthy Europeans have always had absolute rule over all the Christian denominations.

    • Well, except that Constantine was never Pope, didn't publish the first Bible, and died more than 40 years before the date you cite.

      And except that Jesus was an anti-Roman political revolutionary who commanded his followers to buy swords even if they had to sell their cloaks to do it , who entered Jerusalem in a martial manner as a claimant to the throne and who, according to the edition of the Bible that you've previously misattributed to Constantine, had to be cornered by an entire cohort (about 600 Roman soldiers) to be brought to bay.