No Signs of Bomb in Attack on Lake Michigan Coast Guard Station

34-Year-Old Arrested for Ramming Truck Into Station

Officials were left scrambling today after a 34-year-old man rammed a Dodge pickup truck into the Coast Guard station at Grand Haven, Michigan, along the Lake Michigan coast.

Reports began on the other side of Lake Michigan, in Milwaukee, where officials were contacted and told that an unknown man claimed to have a bomb in his truck and was going to blow up Station Grand Haven.

The truck hit the station not long thereafter, but while officials initially talked about it being an act of “domestic terrorism,” no bomb was actually found and no one seems to know why the truck was rammed into the station. No one was injured.

Officials are still trying to figure out what the motives were for this ramming, and are investigating a potential link to a house fire further north along the lake, near Mears, Michigan. The house was said to belong to the driver, and had been heavily remodeled to look like an old-time gas station for some reason.

Grand Haven hosts an annual Coast Guard Festival in late July, and was officially designated as Coast Guard City, USA by an act of Congress in 1998.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of