Yemen Factions Agree on Interim Presidential Council

Council Will Be Led by Former South Yemen President

The deadline imposed by Houthi rebels has passed, but reports are that Yemeni parties have agreed on the creation of an interim presidential council to fill the role vacated by President Hadi’s resignation late last month.

Details are still emerging on the deal, but it appears to be a five-person council, which will be led by Ali Nasser Mohammed, the former president of South Yemen, a condition which got secession-minded southerners to agree to the deal.

The interim council will manage the post for up to a year, pending new elections, which presumably will include multiple candidates, as opposed to the single-candidate vote that got Hadi elected.

The Houthis, who had threatened to impose their own transition if a deal wasn’t finalized by Wednesday, have agreed to hold off on that with the talks on the council still being hammered out.

Under the old Yemeni constitution, the parliamentary speaker is supposed to take charge and hold immediate elections. Immediate elections would be difficult at best in Yemen right now, and with a new draft constitution in the works, there was considerable debate over how to proceed after Hadi resigned.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of