Yemen’s Houthis Give Parties Three Day Deadline to Resolve Crisis

Houthis: Figure Out Transition Situation Or We Will

Yemen’s Houthi rebels have issued a 72 hour ultimatum to the various political parties in Sanaa today to figure out the transition situation after the resignation of President Hadi earlier this month.

At the moment, the parties seem to be centering on trying to talk Hadi into returning to office, but to no avail, and it seems that they need to start figuring out a plan B.

Hadi resigned amid clashes with the Houthis, which ended with them taking over the presidential palace and placing him under house arrest. They had been arguing over the draft constitution, but couldn’t settle on some of the terms.

Now, the Houthis are warning that the politicians need to figure things out soon, or else their own leadership will figure out the transition situation themselves, something the politicians clearly want to avoid.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of