Sens. Paul, Boxer Push ‘Moderate’ Iran Sanctions Bill

Bill Would Make Future Sanctions Votes Easier

A pledged president veto and warnings that sanctions would kill the diplomatic process with Iran haven’t stopped anybody, and it seems like most of the Senate is pushing various versions of new sanctions bill.

Senators Rand Paul (R – KY) and Barbara Boxer (D – CA) are drawing up their own “moderate” version of the bill, which while it wouldn’t directly impose any sanctions, would make it simpler to push votes to reimpose sanctions in the future.

Israeli spy agency Mossad has warned against all the sanctions bills, saying that whether the bill itself explicitly violated the interim nuclear deal, it would be like “throwing a hand-grenade into the talks.”

President Obama has threatened to veto the sanctions bills to prevent the negotiations from being sabotaged, but between the various bills, many hawks are hoping they can get one which will have enough support to override a veto.

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