Officials: ISIS Is ‘Real Competition’ for al-Qaeda in Yemen

ISIS Financial Strength Gives Them Advantage

Though ISIS territory is centered around Iraq and Syria, the group’s massive success has brought it some support elsewhere, with groups everywhere from Libya to Pakistan pledging loyalty.

Yemen might be the next nation to see a surge of ISIS support, as Yemeni officials say that they are presenting “real competition” for al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), the local faction which traditionally dominates.

While AQAP is one of the biggest and most effective al-Qaeda auxiliaries, ISIS has something they don’t: money. As the richest jihadist group on the planet, ISIS can bankroll fighters in ways al-Qaeda simply can’t, and that’s attracting a lot of interest from other factions.

Though AQAP is still the dominant group in Yemen by sheer numbers, ISIS’ sudden interest is attracting a lot of recruits, and they could quickly make inroads in another nation in the middle of sectarian clashes.

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