Mossad Splits With Netanyahu, Warns Against Iran Sanctions

Mossad Advised Congress Against Sanctions Bill

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s invite to Congress to shill for Iran sanctions is the culmination of a long process that started with a split in the Israeli government.

Spy agency Mossad had already split with Netanyahu on the sanctions, and has issued a warning to the US Congress that the sanctions bill would kill diplomacy with Iran over its nuclear program.

It’s no mystery that the sanctions would kill the talks, but for US Congressional hawks that was very much the point, and after the Mossad warning, they sought “clarification” from the Netanyahu government.

Having Mossad warn that sanctions are a bad thing could really kill Congressional efforts to get enough votes to override a threatened Obama veto, and Netanyahu’s invite by the House Speaker, over White House objections, seems to be their last hope at getting enough votes to impose the sanctions.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of